Yo, I'm Bryce

I'm a Web Developer based in Seoul, South Korea (but nomadic), crafting useful bits of code while working with the awesome WooThemes team. I've built several fun and useful apps, speak at international conferences occasionaly and write on bryceadams.com & Medium.


Nomad SMS - Easily create a local number in over 15 countries and receive SMSes to it by email and online.

Totals for Uber - All your Uber stats in one place, like total rides + miles travelled. Includes a leaderboard too!

Corgi Splash - Gift your friends & loved ones with adorable corgis via a text bomb of corgi proportions.

Captain Theme / Recipe Hero / Free WordPress Plugins - Assorted WordPress projects, including both free, open-source plugins and premium ones too.


I love products, startups, and am always moving around. Are we crossing paths? Let me know.

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