Yo, I'm Bryce

I'm a Web Developer based in Seoul, South Korea (but nomadic), crafting useful bits of code while working with the awesome WooThemes team. I also release WordPress plugins through Captain Theme and blog about code on bryceadams.com.


Nomad SMS - Easily create a local number in over 15 countries and receive SMSes to it by email and online.

Totals for Uber - All your Uber stats in one place, like total rides + miles travelled. Includes a leaderboard too!

Captain Theme - Hand-crafted collection of premium WordPress plugins.

Free WordPress Plugins - I've created a number of free open-source WordPress plugins, available on WordPress.org.

Recipe Hero - The easiest way to add recipes to your WordPress site in seconds. Complete with countless features, food never tasted better.

From Thai With Love - A subscription club where you’ll receive a package of assorted, hand-picked Thai treats, once a month, anywhere in the world.

Seoul, Korea

I love WordPress, startups, technology and am based in Seoul, Korea. Do you too? Let me know.

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